Mortgage Protection

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Generally *Mortgage Protection (MP) is designed to pay off your full, or most of your mortgage balance, whereas Mortgage Payment Protection (MPP) is designed to make your mortgage payments for a certain period of time while your loved ones decide what they are going to do with the home, God forbid you pass before the mortgage is paid off in full. Request a Full MP Carrier Comparison Quote now for someone to contact you right away!

Who else can picture You “Keeping Stability in Your Family” with…



You want SAF’s Cash Back or Return of Premium option because it returns 100% of your base premiums when you live!

YES, a Living Benefit!

  • Because you will absolutely Live or Die, you would like to get all your money back right?
  • And when you live, receiving the living benefit allows You control of your cash.
  • To enjoy the savings, take a relaxing vacation or even pay off your home years earlier, saving even more money.

That’s exactly why you chose Stability And Family and… You Win!

Get the concrete details today and find out if you still qualify… Before it’s too late.

Buying a house is a big step in life, and it comes with greater responsibilities and liabilities. Being responsible to make sure that your loved ones will always have a roof over their heads is now in your hands.

With two major types of Mortgage Protection insurances, you want to know which is best for you, because you may want or need both.

The first is typically…

  • Non-Medical and No Physical Exam is required
  • specific to the insured for the home, securing the family home from a premature death of the policyholder;
  • fixed or level premiums, so your rates stay locked in  as you age;
  • portable and transferable from home to home;
  • mortgage protection that says Yes to covering diabetes, high blood pressure and many other medical issues with Standard or even Preferred Rates.

The second is typically…

  • protection for the policy holders themselves with living benefits including:
    • Short-term Disability coverage
    • Long term Critical Illness coverage
    • Involuntary Unemployment
    • Cash Back or Return of Premium
    • And other rider “Add-On” Benefits that may be available at the time of purchase.

These Mortgage Protection insurance programs keep the stability in your family, protecting against death, disability, critical illness, and much more!


Imagine Your Family’s Honor Because You Keep Stability In Your Family

Because after such an unfortunate event as your premature death…

  • You want your family secure because they are your loved ones.
  • You want your family relaxed because you paid off the balance of the mortgage.
  • You want to know that although they cannot replace you, your legacy of provider living on.