About Us


SAF’s history spans back to 1998 before the turn of the century, when the Co-Founding member of SAF, David Kiselak, was first licensed and certified with the state of Texas. Even before David met Co-Founder and SAF Co-Owner, Beth Kiselak, David began with a dream of Texas Life & Health to help change the insurance industry. The vision, responsibly provide security to families through programs designed to protect the longevity of society’s core, the traditional family unit.

What began as a noble idea changed into a heartfelt cause when his brother-in-law Mark, who’s “terminal illness” made him uninsurable four years earlier at only 33 years old, asked David about more insurance protection. After auditing Mark’s current insurance program, David very respectfully and mannerly advised Mark to keep his current program in place due to uninsurability. Mark passed at age 41 on September 19, 2002, leaving behind David’s sister and their two daughters.

Although David always “understood” the importance of having insurance in place, at that point David realized how impactful emotionally, as well as financially, a critical illness and death of a loved one can have on the family. It truly, becomes real.

Beth, a single mom back in the early 2000’s, had a salesman come to her house, attempting to talk her into buying something she would never have used and couldn’t afford. Not knowing any of his credentials other than a business card, he showed her a very expense insurance plan that made no sense to her and she couldn’t afford. After an hour and a half appointment, she was more confused than when he first walked in the door. She decided “no insurance people for me”.

The years passed and Beth met David in December 2007, only to find out David sold life insurance. But that was when Beth was introduced to David’s vision of responsibly providing security to families through programs designed to protect the longevity of society’s core, the traditional family unit.

Together they began The ZONE Group, Inc. as well as Stability And Family. Together through various Alternative Investments, Mortgage Protection and Final Expense programs, they do exactly what they set out to do… Protect Families.

Oh yes, David and Beth married in September 2008 to enjoy their married life together and continue building SAF.

Through SAF Certified Field Underwriters and Advisors explain various protection programs to people with concrete facts and then cooperate together with the families providing low risk, well thought plans designed to keep the security in the family.

SAF continues its long-term growth bringing on new agents and specialized field underwriters from Coast to Coast including Hawaii and Alaska, determined to raise the standards in the insurance industry.

SAF specialists go through many hours of State regulated continuing education courses every 24 months, in house certified training and many hours of actual “real world” field experience because SAF truly cares about keeping the stability in your family’s home while letting you relax with affordable programs, including our easy Non-medical programs to our name your price plans.

With SAF you are in total control to decide what is best for you and your family.