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Mortgage Protection vs. Homeowners and PMI

Because homeowners insurance protects the property and PMI protects the lender, You need Mortgage Protection since it protects You and your family. And that’s exactly why most people buy our Mortgage Protection coverage, to keep stability in their home. Everyone knows people who suffer from a heart attack, cancer, or stroke, could continue living. However that would cause serious financial hardship for most, and their family. From coast to coast, that’s where SAF comes in to help.

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Owning Mortgage Protection

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Benefits up to:
  • Yes All Health Accepted

  • Heart Conditions

  • Diabetic Issues

  • Strokes


Benefits up to:
  • Up to 36 month benefit periods

  • Short elimination periods

  • All-Occupations

  • Ages 18 – 61

Critical Illness

Benefits up to:
  • Important coverage beyond

  • Heart Attack

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

Chronic Illness

Benefits up to:
  • For assistance after 90 days

  • toileting, transferring

  • bathing, continence

  • dressing, eating

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How We Help People

With serious savings, a seamless over-the-phone application for most, and a unique email confirmation, our clients have enjoyed easily and effortlessly getting their coverage while praising our process!

This has been one of our best investments. With literally pennies on the dollar, Andrea can now sleep relaxed knowing if God-forbid something happens to me, she and the kids will be able to breathe and stay living in the home we’ve worked so hard to get.

SAF Clients
Andrea & Scott SAF Clients

This process was so easy. We were able to pick exactly what we wanted to fit into our budget, with no games. And the best part for us were no physicals. Everything done right over the phone and with an email confirmation, we were covered. Thank you so much.

SAF Clients
DeVina & Willy SAF Clients

Wow! Nowhere else have I seen coverage benefits for both living and death! Here I felt it’s a win win. Different from the other programs Tia and I saw because here they talk about living benefits of mortgage protection. That just makes sense.

SAF Clients
Tia & Jordan SAF Clients

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